Justin Hucker (Owner/Operator)


Moving to South Florida in 2005, Justin worked most notably as Music Director at a School of Rock and as a sound engineer at Swampgrass Willy's and occasionally for the iHeartRADIO™ Theater in West Palm Beach. Justin has been a sound engineer for acts such as A Great Big World, Echosmith, Rixton, The Bastard Suns, Oh Honey, Austin Mahone and many others.

Referring to himself as a "Kurt Cobain Impostor," Justin took the stage as the guitarist and voice for "Smells Like Grunge: The Nirvana Tribute," from 2014-2017. While a member of SLG, they performed all along the East Coast from Miami to New York selling out many of their venues and 

gained popularity and critical praise. Justin left the Nirvana Tribute with SLG's bassist to pursue an original project and focus on LMC.

Yaz Velazquez (Vocals/Keys/Guitar/Bass)

Yaz is a graduate of Florida Atlantic University where he studied voice and music technology and received his Bachelors in Music with an emphasis in commercial music. He has been in the South Florida music scene for over a decade both as an instructor and performer and has shared the stage at Sunfest as well as toured the east coast.


Teaching a variety of instruments including guitar, bass, keyboard, ukulele, mandolin, drums, and voice; he believes a strong music theory background allowed him to “connect the dots” when it came to learning new instruments. “Understanding how to read music and grasping the fundamentals opens the door to a whole world of possibilities”. Yaz is always excited to share his passion for music with his students and looks forward to meeting new musicians in the making.

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Zak Mahoney-Hoffmann (Guitar/Bass)

Zak first started playing guitar at the age of 6 in Pennsylvania. In his early 20's he moved to South Florida and continued to perform and write with numerous local bands. In 2011, Zak started teaching and in 2016, began at LMC. Though he started as a guitarist, he's gone on to have a deeper passion for playing upright bass and has used that ability in many well received and loved local bands including KillBillies, The Micah Scott Project, String Assassins, and Jason Newsted & The Chop House Band. It's near impossible to find a kid that Zak can't inspire. He's definitely one of the most unique and amazing teachers we've ever had at LMC.

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Tyler Kulik (Drums/Percussion)

With over 20 years experience, Tyler enjoys sharing what he's learned with the next generation to ensure they grow to be the best musicians possible. As a previous member of the Bryce Allen Band (reggae) and KillBillies (bluegrass) and current member of Butch & The Fat Doobs (punk), he's a well rounded performer and a staple of the local music scene.

Tyler has been teaching for over 10 years and was the first instructor to be hired on at LMC and has since become family here. He is known here as the drum guru with specialties in many genres and a love for every style.

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