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“I care more about LMC than any career, job, or gig I’ve ever had. This is my priority in life. This is my pride. I’m not generally a person who is hard headed about rules and regulations, but I do understand what can be lost from carelessness and gained from attention to detail. I view this as a guide to providing the safest and best experience from LMC and I ask that you do too. Keep learning, keep sharing."


~Justin Hucker (Owner/Operator)



Below is a Pricing List for everything LMC offers. We collect in advance on the first of the month, offering weekly 40 minute lessons and 2 hour rehearsals for a monthly fee. This fee guarantees 4 lessons per month. If there is a 5th lesson in the month there is no additional charge but also needs no makeup as long as 4 lessons are given in a month. We are setup to receive payments via Zelle, Venmo, Card/Autopay, Check or Cash.


School Pricing: (Family Discounts - See Additional Lessons)

·      WEEKLY LESSONS OR BAND: $195 monthly

·      ADDITIONAL LESSONS / BANDS: $150 monthly (save $45)

·      SUMMER CAMPS: $295 weekly

Studio Pricing: 

·      REHEARSAL SPACE: $30 hourly

·      MUSIC RECORDING (Audio/Video): $50 hourly

·      PODCASTING (Audio/Video): $50 hourly


This may sound obvious, but it is the most important policy and applies to everyone, including students, family, friends, teachers, etc. While attending LMC, our students are expected to be safe, learn, and act appropriately. Use of drugs and/or alcohol is prohibited and may result in immediate expulsion.



Whether at the school, performing a gig, or attending an LMC event, we teach and expect our students to treat LMC staff, students, and audience members with respect. Each student has a responsibility to represent LMC, their families, and themselves to the best of their ability.


LMC assumes permission to use images of the students and their first names on Social Media, YouTube and the LMC website. If you do not wish for LMC to use your (or your child’s) image for promotion and/or advertising please contact Justin we'll make sure not to. *This is non-negotiable for bands as it's a necessity for bands to promote.



As everyone knows, music is about expression. Though LMC is very careful about letting students pick songs that are age appropriate, some songs chosen may contain questionable lyrics. In these instances, LMC teaches the students to be creative and alter the lyrics to fit the environment & audience. Every now and then we ask that our students be allowed to bend the rules of appropriate societal views and express themselves or stay true to the original meaning of the song. If you wish for any lyrics to be altered let us know ahead of time and we will do our best to adhere.



When joining a band the student and the parents should take a moment to consider the commitments of being in a group. It’s important to realize that the choices you make and how you may handle situations can and will affect, not only LMC or the venue, but more importantly the other kids in the band. If the student is unable to fulfill his duties as a band member, he/she/they may have to be removed from their band. LMC does not prefer to take this route so please consider and discuss this before joining a band. These commitments include but are not limited to:


·      Being at rehearsals & gigs on time and ready to play

·      Learning songs in full and to the best of your ability

·      Positive representation of the band and LMC

·      Giving proper notice before any absenteeism

·      Accepting other personalities, beliefs, and life structures


LMC is aware that wear & tear is a very normal thing for music gear used by multiple students on a daily basis. We understand that accidents happen and that blame cannot rest solely on the last person using gear when it breaks. We will not expect restitution for accidents, however, we expect all students to treat the equipment with respect. If something breaks due to misuse / abuse (ie – hitting drums in a destructive manner, turning knobs past their stopping point, yanking wires or cables, throwing gear, etc) you will immediately be asked to leave the studio. Food and drinks are not allowed on or around the equipment.



LMC does have a “No Refunds” Policy, however we will always provide a makeup lesson for any missed lessons as long as they fit the criteria. Any exceptions to this policy will be addressed on a case by case basis by Justin. Rehearsals will not be made up and will not receive makeup lessons unless it’s canceled by LMC. Though the school is open for most holidays with a few exceptions, there will be makeups for them. The holidays LMC will be closed are Easter, Independence Day, Thanksgiving & Christmas. Below are examples of what warrants a makeup and what does not. If makeups aren't possible, we will wait until 5 makeups have accumulated and credit the next month of lessons.


Students will receive makeups if:

·      24 hour notice is given prior to the lesson

·      The lesson or rehearsal was canceled by LMC

·      With some notice, it’s a special circumstance or an emergency


Students will not receive makeups if:

·      They are a “no call / no show”

·      They give less than 24 hours notice of absence

·      They have to leave early / arrive late


Without you, LMC couldn’t be the amazing & magical place that it is. I know this is a lot to read and I thank you for taking the time to go over this. If you have any questions or concerns, I invite you to contact me directly and I will do everything in my power to ensure a positive outcome.

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