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By giving our students guided freedom, they accomplish their own goals and get better much faster.

Guided Freedom


This is Lucas! His goal was to write music for an album that existed only in his head. The problem was he didn't really know how to play an instrument. He signed up for lessons, learned multiple instruments and began writing.


Lucas went on to form Posers (later X-Posers). He's currently the frontman for GodCell. Both of those bands released music written and recorded by Lucas... and he did it all his way.

Defining Goals

This is Gavin! His goal was to be a drummer in a band. We helped him define what that meant and what it would take. A few years later he had two bands.


Unemployed Youth was a cover band that opened for Koo Koo Kangaroo & Rita Ora! His 2nd band, GUTS was an original punk band and recorded an EP which is now on all streaming services. Gavin is now the drummer for the up and coming band Young Fiction!


The Value Of Hard Work


This is Lyric! He's the vocalist & guitarist for Fire Breathing Rubber Duckies. They created a setlist, perfected their show, and designed a logo for their band shirts. In one night, they made over $800 from merch, door charge, and tips. He experienced how good preparation and hard work can equal big results. They also learned how to reinvest back into their band and now have better instruments and more varieties of merch


Learn more about Fire Breathing Rubber Duckies or see a show!

A Home For Your Passion

This is Nick! He had a hard time finding a music school that could figure out how to channel his passion and drive. But once he saw his first LMC show, he knew he had found a place to develop his talents.

After being in 2 amazing cover bands (X-Caliber & Euphoria), he really hit his stride as a writer after forming an original metal band. Revelations is now releasing music on all platforms. Learn more about Revelations.


Start Doing The Real Thing

Unemployed Youth 4-compressed.jpg

We open the doors to our bands to be creative. This leads our students to take responsibility for their work. No other music school out there has the capabilities to let a young band experience every avenue music has to offer.

•Learn their favorite songs

•Join or start a band

•Perform at a live venue

•Perform on a livestream

•Write original music

•Record a song or album

•Make a music video

•Create band merch

This is a live music video of an original song written by an LMC band. We recorded the audio then performed at The Kelsey Theater to get the footage we needed to make the video. They got to experience what professional musicians do regularly and make something they can share and carry with them their whole lives.

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