Spred The Dub

Local legends, party animals and all around good guys. This band took their livestream and made live music videos. They also released it as a livestream album with a limited online release!

Learn more about Spred The Dub by visiting their website:

Adam Frishman Duo Promo

After visiting the 561 Music Podcast, Carl and his duo bandmate Adam decided to make a promo video at LMC to showcase their talents and get better gigs. First impressions are everything!

Learn more about Adam Frishman by visiting their website:

KB Livestream Album.jpg

KillBillies - Live: Warts and All

This band went the extra mile with their livestream and turned it into a full blown album! The coolest part is, because they were able to collect tips while they did it, the album costed very little to make!

Learn more about KillBillies by visiting their website:


XPosers - E.P.

This album is a huge source of pride for our Music School. The XPosers EP was written by one of our most prolific students and recorded right here at LMC Studios. And there's a 2nd album on the way.

Learn more about XPosers by visiting their IG page:

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