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LMC prefers students to take their makeups. However, we do understand that it can be hard to find the time, especially for larger families. Below are some alternatives in case makeup lessons just aren't feasible.

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Donate To Give & Let Give

A few times each year, we host an event that gives instruments and music gear to kids. By donating a makeup, you'll be giving them lessons where they can learn how to use their new gear!

Gift To Family & Friends

Makeup lessons are 100% transferrable. This means you can give them to friends or family for birthday or holiday presents, or just donate it to someone in your life that maybe can't afford full time lessons.

Try A Different Instrument

Gaining experience in a wide range of instruments will give you better musical perspective, strengthen your communication, and give you new insight into your main instrument. A lot of what you learn on one instrument will translate to other instruments.

Tip Your Teacher

Our teachers are always going above and beyond. Using your makeup lesson to reward their efforts is very appreciated. Holidays and their birthdays also make for great times to show extra gratitude.

Request Specific Times

You can also offer your availability if none of our times work. There are no guarantees, but sometimes our teachers have more availability in their week and we might be able to work it out. Please don't hold any expectations, but it never hurts to ask!

Hold Off For A Credit

You can also simply opt to wait until 5 makeups accumulate. At this point, we will credit your next month of lessons. We definitely request that the previous recommendations be considered first while keeping this option as a last resort.

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