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Thank you for performing at LMC’s Livestream Venue!

Please fill this out to ensure you get the most out of your show.

Below are some FAQ's to consider while you're planning your livestream.

Can I use my own gear?

All the gear at LMC is free to use. If you'd like to use your own gear we may require you to book extra time. Example: To use your own drums we would need time to break down our kit, replace it with yours, mic and sound check it.


Use of any pre-recorded clips, specific lighting, or chroma key effects may require extra time. Non-live footage must be owned and supplied by the band.

What backline gear is provided?



Drums: Pearl Export w/ Zildjian Custom A’s

Guitar Amps: Boss Katana 100 MKII, Fender SuperChamp X2

Effects Pedals: Multiple distortions, chorus, phaser, wah, etc

Bass Amp: Fender Rumble 150

Keyboard: Yamaha MX61

Percussion: Bongos, maracas, egg shakers, tambourine, cowbell, etc

Guitars & Basses: Multiple available (though we recommend bringing your own)

What PA System is used?



Mixer: Allen & Heath QU16

Personal Monitors: ME500

Wedges: Electro-Voice ZLX 12”

Drum Mics: Audix DP7s

Instrument Mics: Shure SM57s

Vocal Mics: Shure SM58s

*With ME500's you can also use headphones or in ears. (Not provided)

What Lighting & FX presets are available?



Solid Colors / Warm Tones / Earthy Tones / Cool Tones / Colorful Mix

(Custom Lighting Options Available Upon Request)



Greyscale / Greyscale +1 Color / High-Contrast / Chroma Key / Pre-Rec. Clips

(We do have a small library of Chroma Key Effects available as well)

Can I play cover songs?

Short answer, yes. If you wanna learn about it, check out this website:

Will the video be online forever?

We will keep the livestream up on our YouTube channel unless the band requests it's removal or YouTube takes it down. However, we cannot control the downloading and sharing of the livestream while it is up.

Can I keep all the audio & video files?

Yes! The base $100 includes all audio, video and project files to use for promo videos, a live studio album, or just new social media content. Have LMC mix & master or edit it into whatever you'd like for only $50 per hour.

What's that about an interview?


You'll connect to your fans in a whole new way with a live chat. But let's be honest, you may be too focused on playing the show. That's why we offer a Post-Show Interview with a Kelsi of 97.9 WRMF. She'll address questions you may have missed, give you a chance to promote upcoming events & releases, and give your fans a new look into your band's dynamic.

Remember, there's no template for livestreaming. It's new. It's different. Don't try to simply recreate a live show. Embrace the changes and get creative!

Extras: Interviewer & Camera Operators

A camera operator (or two) would be a great idea. This can really help to get close ups and movement which make your video more dynamic and interesting.


Please keep in mind that the interviewer and any camera operators are not included in the base $100 cost. To add these services, we will need to make sure they are available and pay $30 to each.

The Audience

You'll be able to connect with your audience via the YouTube chat from a monitor in front of the band. They'll type and you'll be able to react in real time. If you've booked the interview, you can also choose to wait until the performance is over to address any questions or comments.

You'll also be able to request tips from your audience members. We will provide a link where they can drop a few bucks to the band thru a Paypal account. If you invite a good crowd, they may cover your whole cost. It's happened plenty of times!

Setlist & Customization

Thanks for submitting. We're looking forward to a great show!

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